OSRMurcia-Symphony Orquestra – Beethoven – 18/05/2017

OSRMurcia-Symphony Orquestra – Beethoven – 18/05/2017

OSRMurcia-Symphony Orquestra – BeethovenOSRMurcia-Symphony Orquestra – Beethoven – Berg and Schubert – Auditorium Murcia

GEORG MARK director

Schubert – Rosamunda (obertura)
Berg – Concierto para violín, “A la memoria de un ángel”
Beethoven – Sinfonía nº 7

BIRGIT KOLAR – violin – she was born in 1970 in Waidhofen / Ybbs (Austria) where, at the age of six, he began to study the violin at the local music school. From 1982 he studied at the Vienna University of Music with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra conductor Rainer Küchl and his assistant Jela Spitkova. He continued his studies with Wolfgang Schneiderhan in Lucerne, Robert Masters in London and Josef Luitz in Vienna.
In 1992 she was a finalist and winner of the Yehudi Menuhin International Competition, where she gave a concert under the leadership of Lord Menuhin. He has performed as a soloist at several festivals in Europe, Japan and South America. more…

GEORG MARK  Director –Salzburg native Georg Mark studied conducting and violin at the Vienna Conservatory; he also pursued studies in musicology, philosophy and psychology at the University of Vienna. more….


FESTIVAL MUCH MORE IN MAY – CARTAGENA (translated from Murciaturistica)

FESTIVAL MUCH MORE IN MAYThe FESTIVAL MUCH MORE IN MAY of CARTAGENA  will be held from 12th to 21st of May mainly in the streets of the historic center of Cartagena.
More than a hundred activities throughout this month will form the festival of emerging art Mucho Más May 2017, which reaches with its eighth edition
This year the festival will take place between May 12 and May 21, although it will already deploy a program of training workshops of great interest with artists and creators of the first level that will begin on May 8.
In addition the festival integrates this year the Night of Museums, Saturday May 20, which was born within this initiative.

This year one of the most defining sections of the sense of the festival is recovered: Arte al centro, Festival de los Estudiantes. This section links the festival with the educational centers of the municipality, especially those in the neighborhood of Peral and the neighborhood Jose Maria Lapuerta, which this year are the neighborhoods invited to the festival this year, sharing prominence with the historic center of Cartagena.

All these innovations add to the already existing sections: One Urban World, which is responsible for the graffitis or murals that enrich our urban landscape; The short film show Semana Corta, the section of Installations and Interventions that will change the look of the city, or the musical event Mucha Más Música, the most outstanding musical event, not the only one, to be held on Saturday, May 13 In the Wall of Carlos III.

Museums Day and Night – Murcia Region

Museums Day and Night – Murcia / El Día y La Noche de los Museos – 20/05/2017

May 18, International Museums Day and Night, is celebrated around the world since 1977, and this year the motto is’ Museums and Stories controversial: say the unspeakable in museums’.

The European Museum Night, Celebrates from May 2005 in all the countries signatory of the Cultural Convention of the Council of Europe.

One of the most international artists from Murcia, the cartagenero Ángel Mateo Charris has been commissioned to design the poster ‘Day and Night of the Museums of Murcia.

A drawing and painting contest will be held and the museum passports will serve as guides and as recognition for having visited many of the museums in those days. In addition will draw a numbered original of the poster made by Angel Mateo Charris

More than one hundred activities in The Day and Night of the Museums of Murcia

Program in Murcia

Cartagena has prepared undreds of activities around the town. Obviously the Museums are open to the public for free.

A lot of attractions has been prepared in various squares like music, dance. etc..

The night of the Museums in Cartagena

It’s obvious it’s not possible to visit all interesting museums of the Murcia Region. You can select what you prefer to visit when and when during the Day and Night of the Museums.


OSRMurcia-Symphony Orquestra – 04/05/2017

OSRMurcia-Symphony Orquestra – 04/05/2017


Falla – Danza (La Vida Breve)
Ravel – Concierto para piano en Sol mayor
Shostakovich – Sinfonía nº 5

VIRGINIA MARTÍNEZ – Director and artistic director of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Region of Murcia (OSRM) began her career as director very early at the age of thirteen, taking over the position of the Molina de Segura Municipal Children’s Choirs.

Studied orchestral conducting in Vienna in 2003 where she won the “Matricula de honor con special mention”. After orchestra conducting during a tour in the United States becomes holder of the Youth Orchestra of Murcia Region and since 2012 is head of the OSRM.

La Fiesta de los Caballos del Vino en Caravaca de la Cruz

La Fiesta de los Caballos del Vino en Caravaca de la Cruz

La Fiesta de los Caballos del Vino (The Festival of the Wine Horses) in Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia) is a unique, unusual and passionate celebration.
The celebration takes place on the morning of every May 2nd, the day before the feast of the Cross, when Caravaca becomes the capital of joy, beauty and festive participation. The horses of the Wine begin at dawn with the washing and harnessing of the horse, in more than forty different places of the city. Few spectators, most related to the clubs or family, have the privilege of attending the ceremony.

The parade of the Caballos del Vino begins at 8 in the morning and part of the Plaza Nueva and Plaza del Arco, where previously the Peñas and Moro and Cristiano bands have been concentrated, which precede the multiple horses that take part in the same .

The Wine Horses, together with Moors and Christians, form the Caravaca de la Cruz Festivals held every year from the 1st to the 5th of May in honor of the patron saint of the town, Stma. And Vera Cruz de Caravaca.

Enjoy your visit to Caravaca de la Cruz to visit the “Caballo del Vino” Museum – impressive

Referencias: Cuando Pasa, Murcia Turística, Caballos del Vino, Casa-Museo Caballos del Vino

Fiestas del Escudo ,’La Invasión’: Cieza

Fiestas del Escudo ,’La Invasión’ in Cieza

Fiestas del EscudoThe weekend of 28 to 30 April is celebrated in Cieza The Shield Festival “LA INVASIÓN” (Fiestas del Escudo ,’La Invasión’).
These celebrations, of historical character, are inspired by the events that took place in Cieza on April 6, 1477, when Nazi troops from Granada attacked and burned the village, constituting the germ of the origin of the Cieza shield motto: “For passing the bridge They gave us death “.
This event is currently commemorated with a very young festival, as it began to be celebrated a decade ago.
This is the event that is most impregnated in the collective imaginary Ciezano, and that has been transmitted orally from generation to generation.
This historical fact has marked the history of Cieza and the proof of this is that its inhabitants shaped it four centuries ago in the motto of the shield of the town, and already in the modern era it is commemorated with the Fiestas del Escudo “The Invasion”.
In addition, it survived in the collective imaginary ciezano becoming the only event that is known by practically all of its inhabitants, magnifying itself epically with legends like La Muda.

Ref: Region de Murcia digital, Crónicas de Siyâsa, La Verdad


Murcia Festival 3 Cultures

Murcia Festival 3 Cultures from 12 to 27 May.

Murcia Festival 3 CulturesThe Murcia Festival 3 Cultures (Murcia 3 culturas) celebrates its 18 years with music from different continents and a tribute to Alfonso X.
Music, exhibitions, theater, conferences, literature, cinema and dance will flood some twenty plazas and public spaces of the city from May 12 to 27.
“Cultural reference of the Mediterranean”

The Heartbeats of Alfonso X 

The concert ‘The heart of Alfonso X’ by Eduardo Paniagua will be the finishing touch of the 750th anniversary of the medieval antecedent of the Town Hall.

More details on the web of “the Concejalia de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Murcia”

Murcia Festival 3 Cultures

Fiestas de San Isidro 2017 – YECLA

Fiestas de San Isidro 2017 – YECLA

From April 29 to May 20, the “Fiestas de San Isidro Yecla 2017” take place.

Fiestas de San IsidroThe patron festivals tell the story of his people in a municipality. Therefore, you need to know the “Fiestas de Yecla” to meet the “Yeclanos” and what makes them different. In this section, we want to tell you briefly what they are, from the most relevant personality to the lesser known.

The origin of these fiestas back to the second half of the nineteenth century, when the discovery of San Isidro pit .

En los años 1940 celebration grows with the arrival of an image of this santo that is located in “The Basílica de la Purísima”.

Shortly afterwards the Gran Cabalgata de Carrozas begins to be celebrated, which over the years is transformed into the central act of these celebrations.

At present, the work of the Peñas and the Yecla Festival Committee has made it possible to reach the highest known levels of participation.

Below you can see a first draft of the program that we will be updating these days.


HOLY WEEK 2017 in Cartagena, Lorca, Murcia and SPRING Festivities in Murcia

HOLY WEEK 2017 in Cartagena, Lorca, Murcia

07/04/17 – During Holly Week    Procession with Image of Virgen de la Caridad in Cartagena

07/04/17 – 16/04/17       Holy Week – Semana Santa – YOU CAN’T MISS IT – CARTAGENA
Festivity of International Tourist Interest

07/04/17 – 16/04/17       Holy Week – Semana Santa – MURCIA
Festivity of International Tourist Interest

07/04/17 – 16/04/17      Holy Week – Semana Santa – LORCA    
Festivity of International Tourist Interest



15/04/17             23/04/17            Bando de la Huerta  (18th of April) y Encierro de la Sardina (22/04/2017)               
Festivity of International Tourist Interest since 2006

In the year 1851 it is the first version of this event. The side of the orchard is a celebration in honor of the garden. The defile is animated with numerous chariots decorated by the “peñas”. In addition, the “peñas” have “barracks” where you can appreciate traditional dishes from the region of Murcia.

Click here to see the full program

 Some more events are already scheduled for this first quarter of the year. You may have a look at our calendar of events and we recomand the programs of the auditorium of Murcia and Cartagena and their programs of Conciertos, Grand Orquestras, Zarzuelas (French equivalent to comic opera) that you can find in our blog.





 Golf Agenda April 2017: Next events



Agenda December - Hacienda del Álamo Club Golf

Hacienda del Álamo Club Golf

Every week there is something going on at Hacienda Del Álamo Golf Club.
Don’t forget :

And remember, if you wish to organize a special event, take advantage of this unique place: the Casa Club. Do not hesitate to contact them for a quote that’s suit your needs. Restaurant information and reservations: + 34 968 070066