BIG UP Fifth edition


The BIG UP Fifth edition will be held the next 5, 6 and 7 October.

BIG UP 2017The BIG UP is a national meeting of musical influencers will bring to Murcia the most important figures of musical communication of the country. This musical event will present emerging projects of the Region with concerts in the streets and squares of Murcia.

50 proposals

The Councilor for Employment, Tourism and Culture, Jesús Pacheco, together with the Councilor for Youth and Cooperation, Rebeca Pérez, presented this morning the new edition of the Big Up to be held on 5, 6 and 7 October.

This fifth edition is organized by the City of Murcia, with the coordination of the Institute of Artistic Expression of the Southeast, IEAS, and aims to be a musical showcase for the national industry and specialized media.

Selected Bands
The bands that have been selected for having more score, and that will go out on October 7 to present their special showcases with sound limited to ambient sound and with their own production and scenery are:

  1. Atrezo
  2. El Nuevo Acelerador
  3. Galleta Piluda
  4. Jamones con Tacones
  5. Moody Sake
  6. Rey Lobo

And as substitute will be the group Naponia.

This year Big Up Murcia has a live program in different rooms REM, Musik and Garage Beat Club

For more information, please read the complete announcement of the Consejelia de Cultura where these few lines have been extracted