Carthaginians and Romans – Cartagena

Feasts of Carthaginians and Romans – Cartagena 2016

Carthaginians y Romanos 2016


The feasts of Carthaginians and Romans developed in Cartagena, Murcia, from the first Friday after September 15 and lasts ten days.

The meaning of this celebration is to highlight the events of the Second Punic War 2,200 years ago, taking into account the history and archeology of Cartagena.

A landing commemorates the storming of the city in 209 BC. AD by the Roman troops of Scipio. This results in a festive week, days are reserved for two beligérants alternately: Romans and Cartagenois.
We will attend the wedding of Hannibal and Imilce. We will have the games of the Roman circus with gladiators and wild beasts. Everyone ends up in the big parade on Saturday, the great day of the feast, when all the troops and legions march on the city.

2016 will be held from 16 to 25 September.