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Celebrations – Festivals – Carnivals – Festivities – Religious Celebrations

The date of Easter varies from year to year, but it is always a Sunday between March 22 and April 25. This year the celebration of Holy Week begins on March 20 and ends March 28. The dates of all the spring festivals are assigned as the “Carême” (40 days before Easter) the carnavales the Bando de la Huerta, etc. but what is doesn’t change, the 14th of  febuary – Valentine’s day.

celebrations - festivals - Cuadrillas de baranda 201628/01/16 – 31/01/16           FIESTA DE LAS CUADRILLAS DE BARRANDA         Folk festival in Barranda de Caravaca de la Cruz.

Barranda is a village of Murcia, located in the municipality of Caravaca de la Cruz. To discover in Barranda, el Museum of World Music. The museum contains musical instruments from 145 countries of the world.
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celebrations - festivals - carnaval_201630/01/16 – 13/02/16       Carnaval de ÁGUILAS  – Festivity of International Tourist Interest

It’s been 200 year history of the Carnival de’Aguilas. It usually starts on Thursday with the release of “Mussona” (04-02-2016). The following Saturday (06-02-2016) we can watch the battle between “Don Carnival” and “Doña Cuaresma” and “Pregón”. This is the beginning of a party that lasts until the following Saturday (13-02-2016) with cremation “Don Carnival”.
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celebrations - festivals - Carnaval_201630/01/16 – 09/02/16       Carnaval de CARTAGENA – Festivity of National Tourist Interest

The Carnival of Cartagena of which we find the existence in the second half of the nineteenth century was interrupted with civil war. In 1981, the festival finds its best in parades, dancing, costume contest where participants are involved as much as the spectators.
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Others Carnivales

22/01/2016 14/02/2016  CARNIVAL 2016 SANTIAGO DE LA RIBERA
22/01/2016 13/02/2016  CARNIVAL DE TOTANA 2016
29/01/2016 13/02/2016  CARNIVAL DE LORCA 2016
04/02/2016 13/02/2016  CARNIVAL DE MURCIA 2016
05/02/2016 14/02/2016  CARNIVAL EN ALHAMA 2016
06/02/2016 13/02/2016  CARNIVAL EN CEHEGIN –  Fiesta del Noroeste 2016

Something special: Charity Event

celebrations - festivals - rubia-legal_andresitoEL MUSICAL  “UNA RUBIA LEGAL” – Charity events Proceeds from the musical will be entirely donated to the Platform “Everyone Andresito”.

The play will be performed 7 de febrero de 2016 from 18:00 hours in Cartagena in Auditorium El Batel and tickets cost 10 euros only.

The musical “Legally Blonde”, takes us to the American fraternities and youthful atmosphere of the prestigious university, world renowned Harvard.

Valentine’s Day 

celebrations - festivals - happy-valentines-day-114th of February 2016           This year the Lovers’s day is a Sunday. Don’t forget flowers, champagne, quiet restaurant or a week-end in a charming hotel.

But if you don’t want move from Hacienda Del Alamo, the Casa Club  propose a special Valentine’s Dinner 


THEATER/OPERAS/ Symphonic Orchestra

18/02/16             ORQUESTA SINFÓNICA DE TORREVIEJA – Beethoven
08/03/16             Opera RIGOLETTO – Guiseppe Verdi

10/03/16             Opera RIGOLETTO – Giuseppe
12/03/16             El mercader de Venecia (The merchant of Venice) – William Shakespeare

Exceptional Event

15/03/16 – 19/03/16       Fallas de Valencia         
Festivity of International Tourist Interest

The Fallas in Valencia, is a popular festival that is celebrated on March 19 in honor of St. Joseph, patron of carpenters and many celebrations take place before that date. These festivities that take place in every corner of Valencia but also in the cities of the Valencian Community. After these celebrations, on 19 March, the sculptures and statues of cardboard are burned.


18/03/16 – During Holly Week    Procession with Image of Virgen de la Caridad in Cartagena

20/03/16 – 26/03/16       Holy Week – Semana Santa – YOU CAN’T MISS IT – CARTAGENA
Festivity of International Tourist Interest

20/03/16 – 26/03/16       Holy Week – Semana Santa – MURCIA
Festivity of International Tourist Interest

20/03/16 – 26/03/16       Holy Week – Semana Santa – LORCA    
Festivity of International Tourist Interest

24/03/16 – 27/04/16       Holy Week – Semana Santa – Bullas     
Festivity of Regional Tourist Interest


26/03/16             03/04/16             Bando de la Huerta  y Encierro de la Sardina – MURCIA              
Festivity of International Tourist Interest since 2006

In the year 1851 it is the first version of this event. The side of the orchard is a celebration in honor of the garden. The defile is animated with numerous chariots decorated by the “peñas”. In addition, the “peñas” have “barracks” where you can appreciate traditional dishes from the region of Murcia.

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 Some more events are already scheduled for this first quarter of the year. You may have a look at our calendar of events and we recomand the programs of the auditorium of Murcia and Cartagena and their programs of Conciertos, Grand Orquestras, Zarzuelas (French equivalent to comic opera) that you can find in our blog.