Fiestas del Escudo ,’La Invasión’: Cieza

Fiestas del Escudo ,’La Invasión’ in Cieza

Fiestas del EscudoThe weekend of 28 to 30 April is celebrated in Cieza The Shield Festival “LA INVASIÓN” (Fiestas del Escudo ,’La Invasión’).
These celebrations, of historical character, are inspired by the events that took place in Cieza on April 6, 1477, when Nazi troops from Granada attacked and burned the village, constituting the germ of the origin of the Cieza shield motto: “For passing the bridge They gave us death “.
This event is currently commemorated with a very young festival, as it began to be celebrated a decade ago.
This is the event that is most impregnated in the collective imaginary Ciezano, and that has been transmitted orally from generation to generation.
This historical fact has marked the history of Cieza and the proof of this is that its inhabitants shaped it four centuries ago in the motto of the shield of the town, and already in the modern era it is commemorated with the Fiestas del Escudo “The Invasion”.
In addition, it survived in the collective imaginary ciezano becoming the only event that is known by practically all of its inhabitants, magnifying itself epically with legends like La Muda.

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