La Bella y la Bestia. Un cuento cantado  de Rafel Brunet. Semana Grande de Cajamurcia of @FCajamurcia

LA BELLA Y LA BESTIALa Belle et la Bête is the original French fairytale known in English as Beauty and the Beast

The history: 

There was once a ruined merchant who lived with her three daughters, the proud, Felicie and Adelaide, the good and sweet Belle. His son Ludovic, a scoundrel, had a friend Amendment, love Belle.

 One evening, the merchant got lost in the woods and stole, to offer to Belle, a pink domain of the Beast, whose appearance is that of a great Lord, whose face and hands is a beast. Surprised by the Beast, the merchant himself she says, will be spared if one of his daughters agrees to die in his place. The merchant can then go home on a white horse named “the Magnificent”, which it suffices to say in his ear: “Go where I go, the Magnificent, go, go, go …”

 To save her father, Belle goes to the Beast that it has not the fate that awaited: the Beast, who is suffering from its ugliness surrounding luxury and thoughtfulness. First frightened, feelings of Belle turn into pity surrounding love. But the merchant is sick. The Beast finally lets Belle go to his bedside on a promise to return.

 At his father Beautiful excited by her ornaments, jealousy Felicie and Adelaide. Deceived by their false tears, Belle dare not reach the castle. Driven by the two sisters, Ludovic and rider head to the area of the Beast to seize its wealth. Rider will lose life. Meanwhile, Belle returned to the castle to find the dying beast: but under the loving gaze of Belle, she turns into a Prince Charming who flew with her to her magical kingdom …

Auditorio Victor Vallegas  de Murcia

Friday October 28 2016 18.30 h.
Saturday, October 29 2016 17:30 h. h and 20 h.
Sunday, October 30 2016 12.30 h. and 17,30 h ..

Price: 18 € single location. FAMILY PACK (4X3)