Cycle tours ‘Moon Bike’

Cycle tours ‘Moon Bike’

The Department of Culture of Murcia informs us of these particular “Cycle tours under the moon”.
Translated text of the page: of the Department of Culture of Murcia.

Cycle toursMoon Bike’ offers ten free guided tours from February 11

Due to the great acceptance of previous editions, only in 2016 participated more than 450 people, this year new routes have been included and ten routes have been organized, one more than in the previous edition, which will be extended until the end of the year.
Among the itineraries are friendly route between Murcia and Alcantarilla, “La Aljufia”, “Churra: the new and the old”, “Between castles”, “Alquibla”, “Meanders and corners”, “La Arboleja”, Torreagüera “,” The Reguerón “and” Jardines de Murcia “.
All routes will have as a starting point the “Glorieta de España” and the schedule will be at 19 hours in February, at 19:30 hours in March, October, November and December, and at 20:30 in the hottest months.
The distance will vary between 10 and 15 kilometers, being easy routes within reach of anyone.
In addition, participants who need small adjustments on their bikes will have help to solve them one hour before the start of the activity. It is also possible for those who do not have a bicycle, but want to participate, request a municipal bicycle on 968 200 293, notifying them two days in advance.
The complete program is as follows:
February 11 19:00 Via amable 1, Murcia-Alcantarilla
March 11 20:30 La Aljufia
April 8 20:30 Churra: the new and the old
May 6 20:30 Between Castles
June 8 20:30 Alquibla
July 8 20:30 Meanders and corners
September 2 20:30 La Arboleja
October 7 19:30 Torreagüera
November 4 19:30 El Reguerón
December 2 19:30 Jardines de Murcia

Start date: 01/02/2017 – End date: 02/12/2017
Place Departure: Glorieta de España

Start Time: 7:00 p.m.  – End Time: 9:30 p.m.  –  Web


Alhama de Murcia – The Region’s Murcia Heart

Alhama De Murcia's Castle

Alhama de Murcia’s Castle

Alhama de Murcia is located in the heart of the Guadalentín valley, at  only 30km from the Hacienda del Álamo by RM 2, passing the gates of the resort.

It’s close to Sierra Espuña and Sierra de la Muela bursting with diverse landscapes and abundant wildlife. The tourist office of Ahlama de Murcia offers many cultural activities such as the history and visit the Castle of Islamic origin of 11th and 12th century, as natural resources activities in the region.

Below some examples of activities with the links toTourism’s office of Alhama de Murcia Website:

Enjoy these sites in family, go hiking, alpinism, etc. There are activities for all ages and don’t forget your picnic.

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