La Fiesta de los Caballos del Vino en Caravaca de la Cruz

La Fiesta de los Caballos del Vino en Caravaca de la Cruz

La Fiesta de los Caballos del Vino (The Festival of the Wine Horses) in Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia) is a unique, unusual and passionate celebration.
The celebration takes place on the morning of every May 2nd, the day before the feast of the Cross, when Caravaca becomes the capital of joy, beauty and festive participation. The horses of the Wine begin at dawn with the washing and harnessing of the horse, in more than forty different places of the city. Few spectators, most related to the clubs or family, have the privilege of attending the ceremony.

The parade of the Caballos del Vino begins at 8 in the morning and part of the Plaza Nueva and Plaza del Arco, where previously the Peñas and Moro and Cristiano bands have been concentrated, which precede the multiple horses that take part in the same .

The Wine Horses, together with Moors and Christians, form the Caravaca de la Cruz Festivals held every year from the 1st to the 5th of May in honor of the patron saint of the town, Stma. And Vera Cruz de Caravaca.

Enjoy your visit to Caravaca de la Cruz to visit the “Caballo del Vino” Museum – impressive

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Murcia Festival 3 Cultures

Murcia Festival 3 Cultures from 12 to 27 May.

Murcia Festival 3 CulturesThe Murcia Festival 3 Cultures (Murcia 3 culturas) celebrates its 18 years with music from different continents and a tribute to Alfonso X.
Music, exhibitions, theater, conferences, literature, cinema and dance will flood some twenty plazas and public spaces of the city from May 12 to 27.
“Cultural reference of the Mediterranean”

The Heartbeats of Alfonso X 

The concert ‘The heart of Alfonso X’ by Eduardo Paniagua will be the finishing touch of the 750th anniversary of the medieval antecedent of the Town Hall.

More details on the web of “the Concejalia de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Murcia”

Murcia Festival 3 Cultures

Fiestas de San Isidro 2017 – YECLA

Fiestas de San Isidro 2017 – YECLA

From April 29 to May 20, the “Fiestas de San Isidro Yecla 2017” take place.

Fiestas de San IsidroThe patron festivals tell the story of his people in a municipality. Therefore, you need to know the “Fiestas de Yecla” to meet the “Yeclanos” and what makes them different. In this section, we want to tell you briefly what they are, from the most relevant personality to the lesser known.

The origin of these fiestas back to the second half of the nineteenth century, when the discovery of San Isidro pit .

En los años 1940 celebration grows with the arrival of an image of this santo that is located in “The Basílica de la Purísima”.

Shortly afterwards the Gran Cabalgata de Carrozas begins to be celebrated, which over the years is transformed into the central act of these celebrations.

At present, the work of the Peñas and the Yecla Festival Committee has made it possible to reach the highest known levels of participation.

Below you can see a first draft of the program that we will be updating these days.


HOLY WEEK 2017 in Cartagena, Lorca, Murcia and SPRING Festivities in Murcia

HOLY WEEK 2017 in Cartagena, Lorca, Murcia

07/04/17 – During Holly Week    Procession with Image of Virgen de la Caridad in Cartagena

07/04/17 – 16/04/17       Holy Week – Semana Santa – YOU CAN’T MISS IT – CARTAGENA
Festivity of International Tourist Interest

07/04/17 – 16/04/17       Holy Week – Semana Santa – MURCIA
Festivity of International Tourist Interest

07/04/17 – 16/04/17      Holy Week – Semana Santa – LORCA    
Festivity of International Tourist Interest



15/04/17             23/04/17            Bando de la Huerta  (18th of April) y Encierro de la Sardina (22/04/2017)               
Festivity of International Tourist Interest since 2006

In the year 1851 it is the first version of this event. The side of the orchard is a celebration in honor of the garden. The defile is animated with numerous chariots decorated by the “peñas”. In addition, the “peñas” have “barracks” where you can appreciate traditional dishes from the region of Murcia.

Click here to see the full program

 Some more events are already scheduled for this first quarter of the year. You may have a look at our calendar of events and we recomand the programs of the auditorium of Murcia and Cartagena and their programs of Conciertos, Grand Orquestras, Zarzuelas (French equivalent to comic opera) that you can find in our blog.



BANDO de la HUERTA 2017The Bando de la Huerta 2017 is the name given to the parade.

It takes place Tuesday 18th of April. The Spring Festival, held the week after Easter 15th to 23rd of april.

The parade consists of bands, giants, dance groups and chariots pulled by tractors, in which typical elements of the rural area of Murcia is.

Since these floats, people dressed in period costume own food spread the cuisine of the region, such as black pudding, sausages, hot dogs or beans and beverages such as wine or beer.

You can also taste typical dishes such as: michirones, pipirrana or zarangollo, without forgetting the typical Paparajotes in the barracks scattered in various places of the city.

Consequently, the name of Bando de la Huerta is also used to refer to that Tuesday in the parade, referring thus to the general conclusion that that day makes throughout the city.

It includes taking place a very high percentage of Murcia spend the day on the street dressed in costumes huertanos and vegetable garden.

Parks downtown are filled with young people who gather to “botelleo” allowed on this day.

The origin of this event seems to go back to 1851, year in which a young affluent agreed to organize with the intent to mock somewhat from the people of the garden.

Currently this original motivation has disappeared completely and the Bando has become quite the opposite: a celebration in honor of the garden and the traditions associated with it.

Fallas de Valencia 2017 – Festival of fireworks

Fallas de Valencia 2017 – 15 to 19 of March 2017

Fallas de Valencia 2017Fallas de Valencia 2017, a festival that runs from 15 to 19 March 2017.
But throughout the year many events and celebrations that occur are related to the Fallas of Valencia.
The fallas are also known as “Fiestas Josefinas (feast of Saint Joseph)” which will take place in honor of St. Joseph, the patron saint of carpenters.
Fireworks called “mascletás” are the favorites of the Valencians. They take place between 1 and 19 March 2017 at 14:00 hours at the Town Hall Square of Valencia.
Unlike fireworks in search of visual stimulation, the “mascletás” aim to stimulate the body through rhythmic pirotecnic explosions called “masclets“. Some consider these noises as “music”.

More about the program of festivities that really starts 1st of march: Fallas of Valencia



PRISCILLA REINA DEL DESIERTO –  Musical – Auditorium of Murcia


PRISCILLA, the musical based on the film winning the Oscar, tells the funny experiences of three drag artists who cross the Australian desert aboard a rickety bus that gives its name to the musical, which is the audacious spectacle of a journey looking for love and friendship.

With an extraordinary and original production, the first of which is presented in London, including 40 artists on stage, lush suits crowned by an Oscar, the spectacular bus that gives its title to the show and a soundtrack that brings together the most danced successes of the story.
This is the most spectacular and funny musical.
PRISCILLA is the feast of feasts.

Auditorium of Murcia – 30/03/2017 to 02/04/2017

30 marzo    21:00 h.
31 marzo    18:00 h.
31 marzo    22:00 h.
1 abril    18:00 h. 
1 abril    22:00 h. 
2 abril    17:00 h. 
2 abril    20:30 h.




Carnival of CARTAGENA

The Carnival of Cartagena starts the next 17th of february.

An opportunity to see all events that have been prepared for it like

  • Election of the “Reina infantil” 2017
  • Election of the “Reina y Pregón del Carnaval” 2017
  • Vermouth Dance
  • National Drag-Queen Contest of the “City of Cartagena”
  • XV Regional Contest Chirigotas “City of Cartagena”
  • Carnival Parade
  • Etc.

Complete program



February is traditionally the month of the Carnival.
We present a Special Carnival 2017 with the most valued carnivals of the Region of Murcia.

Click on the name of the town to get the program

Declared of Regional Tourist Interest
February 4 to February 18

Declared of Regional Tourist Interest
February 17 to February 28

February 18
Special Free Theatre program at TEATRO GUERRA ( Plaza Calderón de la Barca, s/n – Lorca – Teléfono: 968 473 122)

The gala will begin at 19.00 hours and during the same will be announced who will be the Momo, represented this year by a member of the ballet Carmen Franco

February 25 – 18:00 horas. Gran Desfile de Carnaval. 

Declared of Interés Turístico Internacional
February 18 to March 4

Come to AGUILAS and try again and again the “CUERVA”. It is the CUERVA“: a drink of these carnivals, fruits and various alcohols.
To is not to be lost, the battle between “Giving Carnival” and “Doña CARESMA” where will fly down eggs with confetti .
The day before held a battle only for children.

For no reason you should miss the paper costume contest on Sunday before the parades.
These fragile fancy stuff leaves you mouth open.

Declared of Regional Tourist Interest
February 18 to March 5

February 19

Inspired by the Holi or Indian colors Festival, which takes place at the beginning of spring.
Diversion guaranteed during this 5 km “HOLY RUN” race without time control where hundreds of people are covered with colored powders every kilometer and so on until the end with the “HOLI BOOM”. A gigantic celebration of color in which all colors are projected into the air. An experience not to be missed.

More about CARNIVAL and associated activites: click here (Information issued of Murciaturistica)



PATRONAL CELEBRATIONPatronal Celebration in commemoration of a former wartime event, when several dozen Yeclano soldiers returned home safe and sound. The townsmen, dressed in frock coats and two-cornered hats, accompany the Virgin up to the castle amid blasts of gunpowder.

Declared of National Tourist Interest (Murciaturistica:

Yecla: 8 of december 2016

Fiestas: 5th to 18th of december