Main Events – End of January and february 2018

Main Events –  february 2018

However you can get more events looking in the Web of Auditorio de Murcia, El Batel – Cartagena,
Teatro Circo de Murcia, Teatro Circo de Cartagena, Teatro Romea de Murcia
MurciaToDay, C’Mon Murcia

31/01/18 31/01/18 THEATER SCHOOL: NOTRE DAME DE PARIS – Company BRICABRAC Theater Auditorium de Murcia
01/02/18 19/02/18 Carnaval de CARTAGENA Festivity Cartagena 
01/02/18 19/02/18 Carnaval de CABEZO DE TORRES Festivity Cabezo de Torres
02/02/18 04/02/18 MICHAEL JACKSON’S I WANT U BACK Spectacle – orchestral concerts Auditorium de Murcia
03/02/18 03/02/18 THEATER SCHOOL: The Elves and the Shoemaker Teatro en Ingles Teatro Romea Murcia
03/02/18 24/02/18 CARNAVAL DE ÁGUILAS
Fiesta of International Tourist Interest
Festivity Aguilas
04/02/18 04/02/18 XXIV DUATLÓN CARNAVALES DE ÁGUILAS  Festivity – Sports party Aguilas
Program: Mahler – Sinfonía nº 7
Spectacle – orchestral concerts Auditorium de Murcia
09/02/18 09/02/18 XXV Cumbre Flamenca Murcia – Romeo and Juliet Flamenco ballet Teatro Romea Murcia
14/02/18 14/02/18 Valentin’s Day, San Valentine, Saint Valentin Loving day – Jour de l’amour – Día del amor Everywhere
Programa fusión clásica – jazz
Spectacle – orchestral concerts Auditorium de Murcia
16/02/18 16/02/18 IMAGINE BEATLES Spectacle – orchestral concerts Cartagena – Auditorium El Batel
16/02/18 16/02/18 XXV Cumbre Flamenca Murcia – Paco Montalvo Flamenco music Teatro Romea Murcia
MANUEL COVES, dirección musical
VÍCTOR ULLATE, director artístico
Program: Carmen
Ballet Auditorium de Murcia
17/02/18 17/02/18 THEATER SCHOOL: Snow White Teatro en Ingles Teatro Romea Murcia
Program: L. Boccherini – Música nocturna de Madrid
W.A. Mozart – Concierto para violín y orquesta nº 3 K.216
J. Sibelius – Romanza en Do mayor Op.42
L. Janacek –Cuarteto nº1 “Sonata a Kreutzer”
Spectacle – orchestral concerts Auditorium de Murcia
22/02/18 22/02/18 GRIGORY SOKOLOV, piano – Program to be determined Spectacle – orchestral concerts Auditorium de Murcia
24/02/18 24/02/18 THEATER SCHOOL: The Wolf and the Seven Kids Teatro en Ingles Teatro Romea Murcia
24/02/18 24/02/18 ARA MALIKIAN – THE INCREDIBLE VIOLIN STORY Spectacle – orchestral concerts Cartagena – Auditorium El Batel
28/02/18 28/02/18 GLENN MILLER ORCHESTRA
Directed by Ray McVay
Spectacle – orchestral concerts Auditorium de Murcia
28/02/18 28/02/18 Opera Aida de Giuseppe Verdi Spectacle – orchestral opera Teatro Romea Murcia
04/03/17 04/03/17 SYMPHONIC RHAPSODY OF QUEEN Spectacle – orchestral concerts Cartagena – Auditorium El Batel
07/03/18 07/03/18 “The Troubadour” (Opera) G. Verdi Spectacle – Opera Auditorium de Murcia

Main Events – November 2017

Main Events – November 2017

However you can get more events looking in the Web of Auditorio de Murcia, El Batel – Cartagena,
Teatro Circo de Murcia, Teatro Circo de Cartagena, Teatro Romea de Murcia
MurciaToDay, C’Mon Murcia

31/10/17 31/10/17 HALLOWEEN  Popular Fiesta  Everywhere
01/11/17 01/11/17 All Saints’ Day Solemnity Feast Everywhere
03/11/17 25/11/17 37th Jazz Festival – Cartagena concerts Cartagena
03/11/17 03/11/17 YOUR NAME KNOWN TO ME TANGO – Direction: Tino Fernández Tribute to the tango Teatro Circo de Murcia
04/11/17 04/11/17 CUARTETO SARAVASTI – Homenaje a Narciso Yepes – CARMEN MARÍA ROS, guitarra – Programa: J.Haydn – Cuarteto de cuerda en Re mayor Op.64 nº5 “La Alondra” – J.Haydn – Cuarteto de cuerda en Re mayor Op.64 nº5 “La Alondra” – L.Boccherini – Quinteto con guitarra nº9 en Do mayor G.453 “La Ritirata di Madrid” – L.Boccherini – Quinteto con guitarra nº4 en Re mayor G.448 “Del Fandango” Concerts Sala: “Miguel Ángel Clares” – Auditorio Murcia
04/11/17 05/11/17 SECOND + OSRM in concert – SECOND will close its “Iniciativa Viaje” Tour with the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia CONCERTS Teatro Circo de Murcia
08/11/17 08/11/17 NORMA of V. Bellini – Opera in two acts – Booklet: Felice Romani based on the tragedy Norma, Ossia L’Infanticide by Alexander Soumet. Opera Teatro Romea Murcia
09/11/17 09/11/17 NABUCCO de Verdi – Opera in four acts. Booklet: Temistocle Solera, according to the play Nabuchodonosor of Auguste Anicet Bourgeois and Francis Cornu and the ballet Nabucodonosor of Antonio Cortesi. Opera Teatro Romea Murcia
10/11/17 10/11/17 Jesus of Nazareth with the Symphonic Orchestra Catholic University of Murcia – ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ Opera Teatro Romea Murcia
10/11/17 20/11/17 Internacional Festival of Teatro de Títeres de la Región de Murcia TITERES Region Murcia
11/11/17 11/11/17 Orquesta Sinfónica de la Región de Murcia – VIRGINIA MARTÍNEZ, directora
Program: Mozart – Sinfonía nº 41 Júpiter – Chaikovsky_Romeo y Julieta – Chaikovsky_ 1812 – 
Sinfónico  Auditorium de Murcia
11/11/17 11/11/17 MUSICAL UNION CARTAGONOVA presents SANTA CECILIA CONCERT –  Sinfónico  El BATEL – Cartagena
12/11/17 12/11/17 “EL BARBERO DE SEVILLA”, (Ópera) G. Rossini Opera Auditorium de Murcia
14/11/17 14/11/17 SERGEI RADCHENKO, director artístico – Program: The Lake of the Swans Dance Auditorium de Murcia
14/11/17 14/11/17 OPERA 2001 presents THE BARBER OF SEVILLE of ROSSINI Opera El BATEL – Cartagena
16/11/17 16/11/17 ORQUESTA SINFÓNICA DE LA REGIÓN DE MURCIA (Concierto benéfico) In memoriam Narciso Yepes – IGNACIO YEPES, director – JOSÉ MARÍA GALLARDO DEL REY, guitarra – Program: J. Rodrigo_Concierto de Aranjuez – J. M. Gallardo del Rey – Diamantes para Aranjuez – L.V. Beethoven – Sinfonía nº 6 “Pastoral” Sinfónico  Auditorium de Murcia
16/11/17 16/11/17 THE MAGIC OF SANTANA “SUPERNATURAL” CONCERTS Teatro Circo de Murcia
17/11/17 20/11/17 GASTRONOMICA MURCIA Gastronomia Auditorium de Murcia – Salon exposición
21/11/17 21/11/17 MOSCOW SOLOISTS – YURI BASMET, violin and direction – Program: W. A. Mozart – Divertimento K138 – M. Bruch – Romanza para y cuerdas op.85 – G. Rossini – Sonata nº 3 para cuerdas – P. I. Chaikovsky – Nocturno para viola y cuerdas – P.I. Chaikovsky – Souvenir de Florence CONCERTS Auditorium de Murcia
24/11/17 24/11/17 BLACK FRIDAY Everywhere
28/11/17 28/11/17 ORQUESTA SINFÓNICA DE LA REGIÓN DE MURCIA  y CUARTETO SARAVASTI – VIRGINIA MARTÍNEZ, director – Program: Schönberg – Concierto para cuarteto de cuerda y orquesta – Bach – Suite nº1 – Haendel – Música para unos reales fuegos artificiales CONCERTS Auditorium de Murcia
01/12/17 01/12/17 FILM SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA – FSO TOUR 2017 – The best movie music, in concert – CONSTANTINO MARTÍNEZ-ORTS, director – The Film Symphony Orchestra back on tour with the Best Film Music in Concert. MUSICA CLASICA Auditorium de Murcia
Dickens’s novel brought to the stage for the children’s audience and with classical music!
MUSICA CLASICA Auditorium de Murcia
13/12/17 13/12/17 Barbara Hendricks – Gospel Great Festival CONCERTS Teatro Romea Murcia

BIG UP Fifth edition


The BIG UP Fifth edition will be held the next 5, 6 and 7 October.

BIG UP 2017The BIG UP is a national meeting of musical influencers will bring to Murcia the most important figures of musical communication of the country. This musical event will present emerging projects of the Region with concerts in the streets and squares of Murcia.

50 proposals

The Councilor for Employment, Tourism and Culture, Jesús Pacheco, together with the Councilor for Youth and Cooperation, Rebeca Pérez, presented this morning the new edition of the Big Up to be held on 5, 6 and 7 October.

This fifth edition is organized by the City of Murcia, with the coordination of the Institute of Artistic Expression of the Southeast, IEAS, and aims to be a musical showcase for the national industry and specialized media.

Selected Bands
The bands that have been selected for having more score, and that will go out on October 7 to present their special showcases with sound limited to ambient sound and with their own production and scenery are:

  1. Atrezo
  2. El Nuevo Acelerador
  3. Galleta Piluda
  4. Jamones con Tacones
  5. Moody Sake
  6. Rey Lobo

And as substitute will be the group Naponia.

This year Big Up Murcia has a live program in different rooms REM, Musik and Garage Beat Club

For more information, please read the complete announcement of the Consejelia de Cultura where these few lines have been extracted

Carthaginians and Romans – Cartagena 2017

Feasts of Carthaginians and Romans – Cartagena 2017

Carthaginians and Romans - Cartagena 2017

The feasts of Carthaginians and Romans – Cartagena 2017 (Region de Murcia), from the first Friday after September 15 and lasts ten days.

The meaning of this celebration is to highlight the events of the Second Punic War 2,200 years ago, taking into account the history and archeology of Cartagena.

A landing commemorates the storming of the city in 209 BC. AD by the Roman troops of Scipio. This results in a festive week, days are reserved for two beligérants alternately: Romans and Cartagenois.
We will attend the wedding of Hannibal and Imilce. We will have the games of the Roman circus with gladiators and wild beasts. Everyone ends up in the big parade on Saturday, the great day of the feast, when all the troops and legions march on the city.

2017 will be held from 15 to 24 September.

The wedding of Hannial and Himilce or the day of the Roman Circus, with its gladiators and wild animals, lead into the great parade on Saturday 23rd, the big day of the fiesta, when all the troops and legions march through the city.

Full Program 


Main Events September 2017


However you can get more events looking in the Web of Auditorio de Murcia, El Batel – Cartagena,
Teatro Circo de Murcia, Teatro Circo de Cartagena, Teatro Romea de Murcia
MurciaToDay, C’Mon Murcia

31/08/17 31/08/17 Romería hacia Murcia y recepción oficial a Ntra. Sra. de la Fuensanta Festivity of National Tourist Interest Murcia
31/08/17 11/09/17 Huertos del Malecón Festivity of Regional Tourist Interest Murcia
01/09/17 01/09/17 Fiesta del Polvorín en Archena Fiesta Archena
01/09/17 13/09/17 FIESTAS DE MOROS Y CRISTIANOS Festivity of National Tourist Interest Murcia
02/09/17 10/09/17 Teatro Romea celebrará la Feria de Septiembre con cuatro espectáculos de comedia Teatro Teatro Romea Murcia
05/09/17 05/09/17 Virgen de la Consolación en Molina de Segura Fiesta Molina de Segura
06/09/17 09/09/17 CASCAMORRAS – From Sep 6 to Sep 9, 2017 Festivity of International Tourist Interest Guadix – Baza
07/09/17 07/09/17 PILGRIMAGE OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN OF LA ESPERANZA Fiesta patronal Calasparra
08/09/17 14/09/17 Agenda Fiestas Cehegin Patronal feast Cehegin
08/09/17 08/09/17 Virgen de Las Huertas en Lorca Fiesta patronal Lorca
08/09/17 14/09/17 Virgen de las Maravillas en Cehegín Fiesta patronal Cehegin
08/09/17 14/09/17 Feria en Yecla feria Yecla
11/09/17 01/10/17 47 FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE TEATRO Spectacle Molina de Segura
12/09/17 12/09/17 ROMERIA de la Virgen de la Fuensanta – Subida Festivity of International Tourist Interest Murcia
14/09/17 16/09/17 FERIA de MURCIA – 21.00 h. Concierto Murcia 40 Pop.  Spectacle Murcia
15/09/17 24/09/17 Feria y Fiestas en Lorca feria Lorca
16/09/17 25/09/17 Fiestas de Carthagineses y Romanos en Cartagena Festivity of International Tourist Interest Cartagena
22/09/17 22/09/17 Maluma CONCERTS Plaza Toros MURCIA
30/09/17 07/10/17 Moros y Cristianos en Santomera Popular traditions Santomera
07/10/17 07/10/17 Feria y Fiestas Patronales en Alhama de Murcia Patronal feast Alhama de Murcia

MAR de MÚSICAS en CARTAGENA – 14 to 23 of July

MAR de MÚSICAS en CARTAGENA – 14 to 23 of July

MAR de MÚSICASStarting 14th of July, it’s the XXIII Edition of the Festival “MAR de MÚSICAS” until the 23rd of July.

One more year we will have the opportunity to participate in an extraordinary moment of music, thanks to numerous sponsors and collaborators, lovers of these Latin sounds.

Lot of well known groups and artists, spread all around places of Cartagena, will give us to discover or remember musics from elsewhere.
A great opportunity to enjoy these Latin American sounds in known places of Cartagena but not necessarily well located in the city. Join the music with the discovery of this town.

The program is vast and diverse. We will have artists from diverse backgrounds but with a common love for Latin American music.

The concert JULIAN MARLEY & UPRISING ( Jamaica), son of the legendary Bob Marley reggae, will open the festival in the AUDITORIUM PARK TORRES to 23h Friday, July 15 at 23:00.

Another well known artist, the swedish Anna Ternheim, which is a veritable institution (5 Grammis of the Academy of Music in Sweden), which will offer a unique concert in Spain Saturday, 16 July at 21:30 at Parque de la Artilleria.

And much more, the best is Just have a look clicking on: Program.

La Mar de Músicas
© Copyright / Ayuntamiento de Cartagena
 C/ San Miguel, 8. 30201 Cartagena (España), Phone. (+34) 968 128813.

Festival Internacional de Guitarras

Festival Internacional de Guitarras – Murcia – 13th to 15th of June

Festival Internacional de GuitarrasThe “Festival International de Guitarras” will host performances by Philippe Villa, Fabio Montomoli and students of the Pulsed String Department of the Superior Music Conservatory.

Free access
The Almudí Palace will host next week a new edition of the International Festival of Guitars. All performances are free access and will be held from 20 hours.

Tuesday, June 13, the students of the Department of “Cuerda Pulsada” of the Superior Conservatory of Music of Murcia will offer a recital.

Wednesday, June 14, Philippe Villa will perform a classical and romantic guitar concert performing works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Giulio Regondi, Mauro Giuliani, Milan Tesar, Francisco Tarrega, Sergei Rudniev and José Luis Merlín.
Considered one of the most brilliant French guitarists of his generation. He is a specialist in the Romantic repertoire and plays both historical and modern instruments. It is based on new experiences such as combining the guitar with traditional instruments, improvisations or chamber music.

Thursday, June 15, with the performance of the Italian Fabio Montomoli who will perform with his classical guitar pieces by Mauro Giuliani, Fabio Montomoli and Francesco Iannitti.
Recognized by critics as a great interpreter of the international scene. Its sound is considered among the most beautiful, endowed with power, penetration and a vast timbre variety …

“With this festival we seek to give prominence and serve as a platform for the dissemination of this instrument, in a land of figures such as Santiago De Murcia or Narciso Yepes.The program combines the new talents of the Conservatory with renowned figures from the international scene” .

The Almudí Palace is a historical building located in the city of Murcia ( Region of Murcia , Spain ), specifically in the Plan of San Francisco, built at the beginning of the XVII century , in origin was municipal wheat, then barracks of caballerias in the Century XIX and Palace of Justice from 1886 , dedicating itself to exhibition hall and municipal archive after the restoration that lived at the end of Century XX. (wikipedia full page).

The text of this page has been traduced from the page of the “Consejalia de Cultura de Murcia”.

International Festival Music/Dance – GRANADA

International Festival Music/Dance – GRANADA – 23 June to 14 July

International Festival

GRANADA  – the International Festival of Music and Dance  has its origins in 1883 during the celebrations of Corpus Christi and then again in the 19th century.
Another performance was presented as the “Cante Jondo Competition” organized in 1922.

This festival was organised  by García Lorca, Falla and other intellectuals and artists such as Andrés Segovia, Fernando de los Ríos, Zuloaga, Manuel Ángeles Ortiz, Turina and Rusiñol.

The Festival was organized in 1952 as the “First Spanish music and dance festival”.

Finally in 1953, the Festival was held as the International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada, name preserved to this day.

As susual le festival will be help in various sites such as:

  • Carmen des Martires
  • Corral del Carbon
  • The San Jeronimo Monastry
  • Centro Federico Garcia lorca
  • The Generalife Theatre
  • The Manuel de Falla Auditorium
  • Hospital Real (Patio de los Marmoles)
  • The Palace of Charles V
  • Theatro Alhambra

In addition to disfrutar of dance pieces and music is also a good oportunity to know the Granada history sites


Bonfires of San Juan in Alicante

Bonfires of San Juan in Alicante

The “Fogueres Sant Joan” (Bonfires of San Juan) is a festival that takes place every year from 19 to 29 June in Alicante, they have been declared of international tourist interest.

These are the biggest holidays of the city and have their origins in the ancient custom of burning objects, dancing around a bonfire, with the arrival of the summer solstice.

During the feasts, various acts are included as traditional “mascletàs” (loud and rhythmic pyrotechnics), the “plant”, the parade of Ninot, shows for the street parades, the offering of flowers to the Virgen del Remedio and the “cremation”.

  • About a week before the 20th of the “input bands” is performed
  • On June 19, they give initiated the festivities and at 12 pm takes place “plantà
  • The 21st and 22nd offering of flowers to the Virgen del Remedio, Saint Patron of Alicante, and the flowers are placed on a catafalque in the Plaza de Abad Penalva, where the Cathedral of St. Nicholas is located.
  • On June 23 the “International Folklore Parade”, a colorful parade with floats, dance groups, bands and dancers from various countries of the world is made.
  • June 24 is the day of the “bonfire”, at 12 pm is launched from the top of Mount Benacantil a monumental palm tree, which is the simultaneous download of hundreds of rockets white light. So start is given to the bonfire, it ie burning fires elderly and children.
  • June 25 to 29, INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION OF FIREWORKS – Beach of the Postiguet.

More on the program, click here


FESTIVAL MUCH MORE IN MAY – CARTAGENA (translated from Murciaturistica)

FESTIVAL MUCH MORE IN MAYThe FESTIVAL MUCH MORE IN MAY of CARTAGENA  will be held from 12th to 21st of May mainly in the streets of the historic center of Cartagena.
More than a hundred activities throughout this month will form the festival of emerging art Mucho Más May 2017, which reaches with its eighth edition
This year the festival will take place between May 12 and May 21, although it will already deploy a program of training workshops of great interest with artists and creators of the first level that will begin on May 8.
In addition the festival integrates this year the Night of Museums, Saturday May 20, which was born within this initiative.

This year one of the most defining sections of the sense of the festival is recovered: Arte al centro, Festival de los Estudiantes. This section links the festival with the educational centers of the municipality, especially those in the neighborhood of Peral and the neighborhood Jose Maria Lapuerta, which this year are the neighborhoods invited to the festival this year, sharing prominence with the historic center of Cartagena.

All these innovations add to the already existing sections: One Urban World, which is responsible for the graffitis or murals that enrich our urban landscape; The short film show Semana Corta, the section of Installations and Interventions that will change the look of the city, or the musical event Mucha Más Música, the most outstanding musical event, not the only one, to be held on Saturday, May 13 In the Wall of Carlos III.