Fiestas del Escudo ,’La Invasión’: Cieza

Fiestas del Escudo ,’La Invasión’ in Cieza

Fiestas del EscudoThe weekend of 28 to 30 April is celebrated in Cieza The Shield Festival “LA INVASIÓN” (Fiestas del Escudo ,’La Invasión’).
These celebrations, of historical character, are inspired by the events that took place in Cieza on April 6, 1477, when Nazi troops from Granada attacked and burned the village, constituting the germ of the origin of the Cieza shield motto: “For passing the bridge They gave us death “.
This event is currently commemorated with a very young festival, as it began to be celebrated a decade ago.
This is the event that is most impregnated in the collective imaginary Ciezano, and that has been transmitted orally from generation to generation.
This historical fact has marked the history of Cieza and the proof of this is that its inhabitants shaped it four centuries ago in the motto of the shield of the town, and already in the modern era it is commemorated with the Fiestas del Escudo “The Invasion”.
In addition, it survived in the collective imaginary ciezano becoming the only event that is known by practically all of its inhabitants, magnifying itself epically with legends like La Muda.

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Murcia Feria 2016Murcia Feria celebrates 750 years of life and, because of this date marked on the calendar of the city of Murcia, the city will host “a retrospective celebration in which the past and present come together, tradition and vanguard, through approximately 200 events planned. “
The programming of the Fair was organized around four axes:

  • The history of the city and its council,
  • The river and the bridges,
  • The street as a space for socializing and a tribute to Murcia
  • Murcia with the participation of Peñas huertanas and the opening speech by the Orfeón Murciano Fernández Caballero “

Parades and performances, exhibitions, workshops and posters of child Frequently remind us of the history of the city and the foundation of the Council (current City Hall) 750 years ago this year.
In this regard, they highlight the keys to Alfonso child, who organizes the family of Moors and Christians Moors and tribute to the king Sabio in the cathedral, with the interpretation of a song to Santa Maria. In addition, the Spanish conquest and the seal of the Council also have their place in the activities for children, with workshops for children in museums.

Among the main innovations of this feria 2016 we can meet:

  • Saturday, September 3, from 21.00 in the Plaza del Romea. The group of the Academy of General Air will give an open air concert.
  • Parades Plaza del Romea. Wednesday, September 7, at 12:00 and into the afternoon, an event that combines the design, craftsmanship and fashion, including fashion shows, outdoor markets and meetings murcianos young designers.
  • Plaza Belluga hosts first horse show “Cabalga Murcia”. Thursday, 8 September, 21 hours.
  • Regatta. Saturday, September 10, 11 to 14 and from 17 to 19, and Sunday, September 11, from 11 to 14. The river Segura between Miguel Caballero bridge and the Pont Neuf, welcomes the exhibition regatta with boats “optimistic” , surfing etc.
  • Water skiing and surfing. Saturday, September 10, from 10 to 24. Water Ski Show (wakeboard), compared to Mills River. 20 to 22 hours, night paddle surfing display.
  • First cooking contest for children MINICHEF. Sunday, September 11, from 22:30 in the Malecón gardens. A jury of experts, led by Chef Top Chef murciano July Velandrino, choose the best child cook Murcia. Registration for children aged 6 to 12 years in

CARTAGENA Puerto de Culturas


One of the most importatnt monument of Cartagena Puerto de culturas is the Theatre.

The theatre was built between 5 and 1 BC, as it has been proven by the dedication of the edifice to Gaius and Lucius Caesar, grandsons of Augustus, who had designated them as his successors.

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Are you a treasure hunter? 
The National Museum of Underwater Archaeology (ARQUA) in Cartagena houses one of the most valuable treasures ever found:
the treasure of the Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes frigate.

The shipload. The exhibition ‘Ocean Navigation’ includes, among other treasures, 6,000 gold and silver coins from the end of the 18thC and the beginning of the 19thC.

Some other really valuable objects such as two gold tobacco cases, fragments of arms and navigation tools.

They all have reappeared after being hidden in the ocean depths for two centuries, since the Spanish ship sank after fighting against the British fleet during the Battle of Cape St. Mary in 1804. 

Mare Nostrum. ARQUA hides many a secret related to maritime traffic in the Mediterranean during Phoenician, Punic, Greek and Roman times. Inside the museum you will enjoy some amphora series, as well as sunken vessels and even a collection of elephant tusks from the Phoenician times.

A panoramic view of 3,000 years’ history. Once you are in ARQUA, you should definitely enjoy its restaurant’s extraordinary cuisine and excellent views of a port of cultures with more than 3,000 years of history.


Information extracted from Murcia Turistica