Samurai of the drums – TAO

Samurai of the drums – TAO


TAO – The samurai of the drums it’s sports bodies, explosive percussion and timeless ritual is Tao, the great discovery of the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh 2004.

With extraordinary precision and energy, play their gigantic drums Wadaiko (up to 1, 7 meters and over 400 kilos), the creation of a hypnotic rhythm, a real musical battle and a choreography meticulously synchronized.

The company is seen in Japan as a propagator of culture that is rewriting the history of the traditional Japanese drum and has become one of the leading company in the country.

Thursday 9 of march – 21:00 h in Teatro Romea of Murcia
Thursday 16 of march – 21:30 h in Auditorium El Batel – Cartagena