BANDO de la HUERTA 2017The Bando de la Huerta 2017 is the name given to the parade.

It takes place Tuesday 18th of April. The Spring Festival, held the week after Easter 15th to 23rd of april.

The parade consists of bands, giants, dance groups and chariots pulled by tractors, in which typical elements of the rural area of Murcia is.

Since these floats, people dressed in period costume own food spread the cuisine of the region, such as black pudding, sausages, hot dogs or beans and beverages such as wine or beer.

You can also taste typical dishes such as: michirones, pipirrana or zarangollo, without forgetting the typical Paparajotes in the barracks scattered in various places of the city.

Consequently, the name of Bando de la Huerta is also used to refer to that Tuesday in the parade, referring thus to the general conclusion that that day makes throughout the city.

It includes taking place a very high percentage of Murcia spend the day on the street dressed in costumes huertanos and vegetable garden.

Parks downtown are filled with young people who gather to “botelleo” allowed on this day.

The origin of this event seems to go back to 1851, year in which a young affluent agreed to organize with the intent to mock somewhat from the people of the garden.

Currently this original motivation has disappeared completely and the Bando has become quite the opposite: a celebration in honor of the garden and the traditions associated with it.