RUTA de la FORTALEZAS – CARTAGENA – 16 April 2016

VII Ruta De Las FortalezasRUTA de las FORTALEZAS Seventh Edition (Catagena 16 April 2016) is for lovers of walking, a real challenge:
Not less than 53km to go in less than 12 hours. But it is not only on flat land, but you will montyer up and down a vertical drop of 1,500 meters. What strengthening the muscles.
If you love to break the record of this walk, you will make the journey in less than four hours. OUF !!!!
Registration and payment gateway is through the website of the official timekeeper of the company February 1 to February 11, 2016.
There are 3 categories: Children, youth and general. Rating of the events will take place before.

Some idea of the trail can be enjoyed on the next card.

VII Ruta de las fortalezas