Castle of La Concepcion

A little bit of history.

This multi-cache take1993 Vistas aereas Cartagenas you to the magic legend of Doña Sol, a woman who was confined into the walls of that Castle by her husband because she was in love with another man.

During a brief walk will have occasion to walk around that Castle, where people said that the ghost of that woman appears when it gets dark.

This Multi-Cache show you the tower and gardens of the old thirteenth century Mediaeval Castle, housing the Centre for Interpretation of Cartagena and offering to panoramic view of the city. Opening hours: 8:00 to 20:00 (winter opening times) or 22:00 (summer).

This Hispanic mediaeval fortress is situated in the Hill of the Conception, the highest hill of the five that protect the city and it was a temple devoted to Asklepio (God of the Health), a Muslim fortress or the place where the alarm that warned to the population of the bombardments of the Civil War. Also offers a great panoramic view of the city, of the roman theatre and of his natural port.

After his last restoration it was conditioned like Centre of Interpretation of Cartagena. You can go up on foot (free access) or purchase an entrance for the Centre of interpretation and go up in the panoramic elevator of the city. I hope you enjoy it!



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